BLINC Fun Run 2019 (5000m)

Earlier this October we organized the 1st Annual Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control Lab Graduational Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure! The main goal of the event was to help chase Aïda (a former member of the UofA Panda’s track team and PhD candidate in the BLINC lab) over the finish line of her graduate studies. Rory Dawson and McNiel Keri (recently graduated MSc Student) had previously challenged her to the race, but since McNiel had already moved away to Calgary to start med school he was only able to symbolically run the race by being attached to Rory’s bluetooth speaker. Several other lab members joined in to walk the first lap of the race and cheer on the runners.

A re-enactment of the photo finish. Aïda was so fast she leafed us all behind.

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BLINC Lab @ World Maker Faire New York 2015

Hello World!

Dylan, Jaden and I (Rory) recently attended World Maker Faire New York 2015 to demonstrate our robotic platforms: The Bento Arm and HANDi Hand. For those unaware, Maker Faire is the world’s biggest show and tell. In addition to being a 2 day fusion of technology, science, crafts and arts it is also a major showcase event for new technologies especially those related to the DIY and open source maker culture. This year there were over 900 maker projects and over 95,000 attendees from 45 states and 48 countries. Here is a brief video recap of some of the highlights from our trip:

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