BLINC at the Cybathlon Symposium 2020

We are presenting a poster and demo at the Cybathlon Symposium this Thurs Sept 17th and Fri Sept 18th respectively. The symposium has transitioned to a virtual format, so much of the symposium content will be available online in case you are not able to awaken in time for the 5am start time each day. You can find our twitter poster here and the rest of the posters can be found @cybathlon.

The early bird catches the Cybathlon Symposium.

The organizers have also announced a new online format for the Cybathlon 2020 competition which will be happening on Nov 13th and 14th. Instead of everyone meeting in Zurich, competitors will compete locally and submit their footage to the organizers who will put together a livestream with competition footage, stories, and interviews. You should definitely check it out!