BLINC Mentors at DiscoverE

This summer the BLINC lab volunteered with the DiscoverE Senior Robotics camp! We introduced the students to the basics of text based coding and they used their skills to control individual fingers of the HANDi Hand. We had a great time and were very impressed by the knowledge and curiosity of the campers. A few quotes from the students:

“I really enjoyed this presentation because I’ve always wanted to learn a coding language, now I know how to code an Arduino board. I think I want to go into Robotics some day.”

“I really enjoyed how they gave us the opportunity to apply our learning from the presentation to various hands and activities that really helped me understand programming and its importance in almost all robots. I also enjoyed the group discussions so that we could share our ideas with other classmates. I had an amazing time learning about something I was interested in too.”