Development of a Lower Limb Performance Assessment Tool











The objective of this project is to develop a standardized Performance Assessment Tool (PAT) within the Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment (CAREN) to assist with rehabilitation and recovery of injured members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Methods of assessing a patient’s functional limitations for optimizing treatment as well as measuring improvement associated with the use of the CAREN are lacking. We are developing a standardized PAT for the CAREN, targeting balance and mobility impairments, to help clinicians identify specific deficits to be targeted with CAREN treatment, and allow measurement of improvement over time.  By harvesting the numerous and diverse capabilities of the CAREN, the PAT will be designed with minimal ceiling effects, allowing injured CAF members to be trained back to the highest performance levels required for military duties. This project is being carried out in the Courage In Motion Center with the support of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.