Ewen Lavoie, B.Sc., M.Sc. (MD Student and Ph.D. Candidate)

Ewen has a diverse background of researching, teaching, coaching, and community involvement. He holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Education and joined the Action in Complex Environments Lab and the Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control Lab as a Master’s student contributing to research focused on using technologies to assist in the performance assessment of upper limb prosthetic devices. Ewen now studies the feeling of embodiment and how it can be improved in virtual reality settings to increase the efficacy of medical, educational, gaming, and other applications. Over the years, Ewen has volunteered with many organizations, and continues to assist the Pediatric Rehabilitation Unit at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.

Ewen is passionate about science, education, and creating positive situations and environments for individuals to grow, be challenged, and pursue their goals. When not in the lab, Ewen is either lifting weights, cycling, throwing a Frisbee, reading, or taking a photo.

Contact info

email: elavoie@ualberta.ca