Eric Wells, M.Sc. (Research Assistant)

Eric Wells completed his M.Sc. with the lab in 2020 and has since joined as a Research Assistant.  Although his education lies in mechanical engineering, he has a passion for robotics and mechatronics. The perfect day for Eric involves hacking together a project that fuses both physical and software realms in a way that benefits society. Some recent project examples include a wearable sensor band for measuring muscle deformation, a robotic hand that slowly rotates a platform one finger at a time, and a genetic algorithm implementation to replicate pictures using semi-transparent polygons.

You can read more about his projects on his website: Eric is currently working on applying machine learning techniques to our robotic interfaces and designing sensors for improved prosthesis control techniques.

When not building robots, you can find Eric at the rock climbing wall or wiping the ping pong court with Ahmed and Rory.