Cierra Stiegelmar (B.Sc. Student)









Cierra is currently pursuing an undergraduate Honors in Neuroscience degree at the University of Alberta. She began volunteering in the BLINC lab in 2018 and assisted with experiments involving adaptable sockets, vibration-induced kinesthetic illusion, and motion capture of functional tasks. She is now working on investigating the psychophysics of how individuals with amputation develop a sense of agency while using a prosthetic limb, in hopes that this will aid in their embodiment of advanced myoelectric prostheses.

In the future, she would like to continue applying her neuroscience background to the rehabilitation field and improve the lives of those who use robotic prostheses.

Outside of the lab, Cierra has become involved in volunteering at a local youth center, where she co-leads a weekly program for at-risk teenage girls. Along with this, she enjoys reading, playing the piano, and amateur photography.