Cyrus Diego (B.Sc. Student)


Cyrus Diego is currently in his third year of Computer Engineering, Software Option at the University of Alberta. He is on track to graduate in April 2022. Cyrus worked on a virtual reality environment project, VIPER, for BLINC Lab for the summer of 2019. VIPER, or VIrtual Prosthesis systEms simulatoR, is a virtual simulator of the Bento Arm using the Unity game engine. During his spare time, he is working on Arduino projects and learning as much as he can in the field of robotics, software engineering, and AI. Cyrus is also part of UA Biomed where they are designing and prototyping an exoskeleton an industrial exoskeleton.

Cyrus’s first coop term at BLINC Lab working on the VIPER project has allowed him to learn new skills in software development, game development, and C# programming. Enjoying his time at BLINC Lab, he hopes to further enhance his current technical skills and learn new ones. His experience has also allowed him to develop his ability to learn new skills in software development and hopes to use his new skills to work in the field of robotics.

When he’s not working, at school, or working on UA Biomed’s exoskeleton, Cyrus enjoys doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and working out.