Sai Vemula (B.Sc. Student)

Sai Vemula is an undergraduate student currently pursuing his B.Sc. in Honors Neuroscience. Though the workings of the brain are inherently incredible, Sai is very interested in exploring brain machine interfaces (BMIs or BCIs) and other applications in neural engineering. He had previously worked in the area of kinesthetic feedback for a summer project in 2016 and will be continuing this research as part of his undergraduate thesis. More specifically, Sai’s work had involved establishing different methods to monitor the physiological responses of a participant while they were receiving kinesthetic feedback.

As an undergraduate student in 2014-2015, Sai has previously conducted research under Dr. Xing-Fang Li in the area of environmental toxicology.

Contact: svemula(at)ualberta(dot)ca

Photo credit Grace Hamm