McNiel Inyani Keri, B.Sc. (M.Sc. Student)

McNiel Inyani Keri is pursuing a masters in Mechanical engineering under the supervision of Dr. Hebert and Dr. Vette. As an undergraduate in the Biomedical stream in Electrical and Computer engineering, McNiel was involved in several interesting projects. He worked in the FACIA lab to design and develop hardware and software for Nano scale spectroscopy. In the Telerobotic and Biorobotic Lab, McNiel worked with a group of engineers, Medical physicists and surgeons to developed a virtual reality display for brachytherapy surgery; This tool allows surgeons to view the trajectory of a needle within a patient in real time during surgery. The work in the Telerobotic and Biorobotic Lab lead to McNiel’s final year design project where he and a couple of other students implement a force feedback teleoperation scheme for percutaneous needle insertion interventions with ultrasound image guidance. The ACELab gave McNiel a chance to contribute to the development of 3DGAM, a program intended to make it easy to combine and analyze eye-tracking and motion-capture data. McNiel has also worked in the Blinc lab as a student researcher to developed a graphical interface to handle data display and manipulation of sensor data in the Instrumented Mechanical Cup project via wireless communication (Bluetooth). McNiel’s industrial experience at FastTrack Technologies and Random knowledge, both of which revolve around web development, have been a tremendous asset. Working for several years at Neighbourhood brides, a human rights organization based in Edmonton, has greatly impacted McNiel’s understanding of the impacts of science and technology in society. Outside of the Lab, McNiel enjoys running, fishing, swimming, tutoring math and science, volunteering, watching documentaries, listening to audio books, along with working on projects such as app development and circuit design.

Photo credit Grace Hamm