Heather Williams, B.Sc. (M.Sc. Student)


Heather has been a presence in the BLINC Lab since May 2014. She worked as a volunteer researcher for three summers during her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. She began to pursue a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in September 2017, under the supervision of Dr. Vette and Dr. Hebert. As an undergraduate researcher, she made the following research contributions: conducted e-NABLE prosthetic hand design testing and evaluations, helped to quantify interface pressure in upper limb prosthetic sockets using Tekscan force measurement and pressure mapping sensors and software, and carried out testing for the buckling of cables used in tactile feedback. She is excited to dig deeper into her biomechanical areas of interest, including upper limb prosthetic design and the development of standardized statistical methods to measure the effectiveness of such designs. Outside of the lab, Heather enjoys participating in summer and winter mountain sports, volunteering with WISEST and the Pandas Volleyball Club, and travelling to countries where people are her height (so she can buy clothes for her 6’ frame).