Gautham Vasan, B.Sc. (M.Sc. Student)


Gautham Vasan is currently pursuing a Masters in Computing Science under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Pilarski. He is interested in applying Reinforcement Learning and Representation Learning algorithms on robots. Gautham graduated with a B.Tech degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from NIT Trichy, India in June 2015. During his undergraduate degree, he worked extensively with Quadcopters and built autonomous robotic systems similar to the iRobot Roomba. He is an active member of the Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence (RLAI) group as well as the Bionic Limbs for Improved Natural Control (BLINC) lab. Currently, he is working on Learning from demonstration: Teaching a Prosthetic limb using an intact limb to grasp and manipulate different objects in space. Outside of work, he enjoys kick-boxing and playing guitar.

Some cool demos of my work:

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Contact Gautham: vasan(at)ualberta(dot)ca

Photo credit Grace Hamm