Dylan Brenneis, B.Sc. (M.Sc. Student)


Dylan Brenneis began an MSc degree in Mechanical engineering in September 2016, under the supervision of Dr. Jason Carey and Dr. Patrick Pilarski. During his undergraduate degree, he spent a great deal of time working on the development of the HANDi Hand: a Humanoid, Anthropometric, Naturally Dextrous, Intelligent hand. It is designed to be a multi-articulating end effector for myoelectric prostheses that closely resembles both the look and function of a natural human hand. Being almost entirely 3D printed, it is built at only a fraction of the cost of commercial prostheses. Also designed into the hand is the ability to sense fingertip pressure, finger position, and visual characteristics of its environment—which will make it very ‘handy’ for many of the research projects within the BLINC Lab. Outside of research, Dylan enjoys playing music, and plays a variety of instruments. He also enjoys painting and acting.

Photo credit Grace Hamm